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Rajah, My Cat Supervisor

Picture of Rajah the catThis is Rajah. He was given that name by his previous owner, and it suits him very, very well.

Rajah decided that he wanted to live with us about 18 months ago, and made it clear that he was going to move in with us and KC, our dog, whether we wanted him to or not.

He ran off from his owner three times (crossing roads with 6 lanes of traffic to reach our neighborhood) and after the third time we all finally gave in and let him have his way. He moved in, and has fun bossing KC the dog around, and putting his tail on my writing keyboard so that I can’t type.

He gets fussy if I don’t go in the home office at least for an hour or two each day, so I consider him my Cat Supervisor. KC is my Dog Supervisor, but she’s much more lenient about my work schedule.

The cherry blossoms have begun to bloom. I’ll see about posting a picture next week. Rajah loves jumping in the windows stare at the robins in the cherry tree. There will also be more about Rajah and KC in the following weeks.

May you all find joy in something you do this week.

Cheers, LM

Dogs and Whatnot

Picture of a dogThis week I am really enjoying rereading Shakespeare’s Richard III, but trying to do Twitter or Facebook about it is like squeezing through a mouse hole. Too small for too much to say. So instead I thought I’d write about the wonderful dog in the photo to the left that keeps me company while I edit the sequel to Cubicles, Blood, and Magic. Unfortunately the flash on the camera went off when the picture was taken, so KC looks like she had laser eyes.

The internet can never have too many dog or cat pictures, so today’s photo upload is my contribution to our pet overlords’ dominion over the mental thoughts of humans. (Joking, of course … though can you be sure? *grin*)

Next week I’ll introduce you to my feline supervisor.

Have a fun week! LM

Shakespeare’s King Richard III on FB and Twitter

I find using Facebook and Twitter stressful, so to make it more fun for myself, I’m going to start reading Shakespeare’s Richard III so that I actually look forward to using them on Mondays instead of dreading it. Feel free to wander over if you’re so inclined. There are links on my website to both sites. Twitter handle is LMMay_author.

Enjoy the week, LM

Soul Cages at 99 cents for 3 days

As part of Read an Ebook Week, Soul Cages is now temporarily at $ 0.99 from March 6 to 8 on Kobo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

Cheers, LM

Two Sales on Read an Ebook Week

It’s Read an Ebook Week from March 2 to 8, and so two stories have been discounted at Smashwords in celebration. You can get the short story, A Maze of Cubicles, for free by using the sale code at checkout. Soul Cages is available at a 75% discount. I encourage you to wander over to their website to take a look at the ebooks available on sale from small presses and independent authors.

Later this week, for 3 days (March 6 to 8), Soul Cages will be discounted to 99 cents on Kobo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. I’ll post real quick the links when that starts.

Have fun! L.M.